Poonam Jhawer On Her Fitness Mantra

With the rise in pandemic, the second lockdown in Maharashtra had been imposed this year again. But this has not deterred the spirits of aamchi mulgi, model-actress Poonam Jhawer. After being stationed once again at her home in Mumbai with her family, the sexy and stunning lass has novel ways of driving it to the top. She has restarted her workout sessions at home by including kickboxing along with walking on her treadmill, meditation and yoga.

Before the pandemic, she would hit the gym twice or thrice a week. After taking it easy for few months during the pandemic, Poonam Jhawer is back to following her hardcore regime.

Poonam says, “I like to have my regular work out and the past one-year was indeed a challenge. Restarting my regime is my fitness mantra and with kickboxing it’s an add-on to develop and shape up your each muscle naturally. It has really kept me going with heads clearly placed on my shoulders and at the same time keeping myself naturally fit and prepared to go back to my work.”

She further adds, “The coronavirus pandemic has reeled us into our homes and forced us to live in isolation. The lockdown has cost us more than our freedom and many of them have found themselves jobless. People have been watching television, mobile, tabs, binge eating, drinking more, exercising less and suffering increased anxiety, during the Covid-19 lockdown. According to many preliminary findings across the globe it has impacted many of them with obesity and even mental illness.”
The fascinating young Poonam Jhawer; who is also a successful entrepreneur, social activist and a social reformer too with a heart of gold takes a step ahead. Sharing inspirational thoughts to her readers, she says, “I want to motivate all young and old alike and not to be disheartened at all times. In one of those rare moments, even if tested positive for Covid-19, it is essential to give your body enough time to heal, rest and recover before you get going again. A significant number of people across different strata of society lost their job and subsequently their source of income. Many of them sought alternate ways of earning a livelihood whilst also positively contributing to society. You can achieve and roll back once again with grit and determination. This positive attitude can be gained through meditation and yoga. Regular exercise and physical activity even lowers blood pressure. I am ready to give out few tips to those who need it and they can follow me on my social media accounts.

The graceful model who stormed the advertising arena when she was barely 16-years old has still more fire in her belly. She always keeps her fans updated with literally drool worthy images. The sexy-siren with over more than a dozen films around almost equal number of music videos in her repertoire has seamlessly traversed through various genres of roles in the movie industries; thriving everywhere she went and whatever she did.

Beginning modeling with detergents like Dove Soaps to garments like Killer Jeans and Paaneri Sarees amongst many others and went on to become a lucky mascot in all the major films she featured in and were money spinners at the box-office windows. Recalling her debut film as an actress sizzling in the song “Na kajre ke dhaar….” in a saree as Priya Malhotra, wife of Suniel Shetty in Mohra, to the titular role of Nira Radia in 2G Radia, to Lata Thakur with Nana Patekar in Aanch; Gopi Maiyya in Akshay Kumar-Paresh Rawal starrer OMG: Oh My God! and Bindu of Prabhu Deva’s directorial venture R…Rajkumar featuring Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Sonu Sood; amongst others where she portrayed it all with finesse. You can rightly say that what started as a passion turned into a profession altogether.


Yes, though she did step over some stumbling blocks, she overcame all of them with perseverance, determination and fortitude. “There is no shortcut to every emotion and in today’s times we need to be more expressive,” says the fearless, enterprising and talented woman entrepreneur who is way ahead in her fitness & wellness issues which is simply amazing and a learning experience.

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