Indian Filmmaker Shubhanshu Satyadeo’s SAKSHAM Set To Shine On The Global Stage At Cannes!

“Breaking Boundaries: ‘Saksham’ Paves the Way for Regional Cinema on Global Stage”                                                                                Hindi film “Saksham” has been nominated for screening at the Cannes Film Festival, a significant milestone not only for the filmmakers and actors of Gorakhpur but also for Indian cinema as a whole. The film carries a powerful social message and has been praised for its unique storyline and performances.

 A press conference for the film was held at the 5-star “Courtyard Marriott”in Gorakhpur. Actor and MP Ravi Kishan congratulated the film, emphasizing its importance for the development of the cinema infrastructure in Gorakhpur. The film, under the direction of local filmmaker Shubhanshu Satyadeo, has faced numerous challenges in Mumbai but never backed down. Notable figures like the Vice-Chancellor of Gorakhpur University, The Mayor, Archana chandra Wife of Ex Education Minister,Chairman of Aisshpra -Atul Sarraf, HOD of MMM H N Singh and others have extended their best wishes.  and MP Ravi Kishan, who graced the event as a Chief Guest, expressed his pride in the film’s achievement and highlighted its potential to boost the development of Gorakhpur’s film infrastructure.

 “Saksham” is written and directed by Shubhanshu Satyadeo, a native of Gorakhpur. The film’s journey has been one of struggle and determination, with Satyadeo facing numerous challenges in Mumbai before finally achieving recognition. The film has been nominated in the top 10 films from India and was selected by the Film Producers Association of India, the National Film Development Corporation, and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It will be screened at the ‘Indian Pavilion’ at the festival.

 The film’s story revolves around the inspiring tale of underprivileged children who fight for education despite their circumstances. Ninety percent of the film’s scenes were shot in the village of Vantangia in Gorakhpur, a village adopted by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The film is dedicated to literacy, de-addiction, cleanliness, poverty, and child labor, making it a unique and socially conscious project.

 The cast of “Saksham” includes renowned Bollywood actors such as Ranjeet, Raayo Bakhri(Fame Pyar ka Punchnama) Sameer Khakkar, Bijendra Kala, Kamlesh Sawant, Vikram Gokhale, Dinesh Lamba, Sudhir Pandey, Omkar Das Manikpuri, and Heeba Shah (daughter of Naseeruddin Shah). Local talents like Mehek Khan, Arnav Suman, Zaid Khan, Arsh Sheikh, Nitish Mishra,Sahil Sheikh, and Prashant Upadhyay showcased remarkable acting skills in the film.The film is produced by Navin Agrawal, with Sandeep Singh (Velocity Tooth Brush) as the co-producer. The film’s Lyrics and Music is composed by Pradeep Satyadeo and the screenplay is written by Shivansh Tripathi. The event was hosted by the city’s well-known RJ Anurag Suman.

The film’s makeup artists, sound technicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, and a large number of film crew members and cinema enthusiasts were also present. Their attendance added a touch of grace and honor to the occasion. Makeup artist Radhe Shyam, renowned for his skills, also joined the gathering. Their collective presence highlighted the significance of community support and appreciation for the film industry. Together, they celebrated the achievement of ‘Saksham’ and its journey from local roots to international recognition, marking a proud moment for regional cinema and its contributors.


Indian Filmmaker Shubhanshu Satyadeo’s SAKSHAM Set to Shine on the Global Stage at Cannes!

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