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CELESTIE CHARNYA A New Child Artiste To Make Her Presence Felt In Filmdom

CELESTIE CHARNYA Child Artiste she is just five year 3 months old and having eye catching photogenic face very fair, and cute little child, an ideal selection of child,  which can fulfill the requirement for any product advertisement as well as for films & TV serials. Hope it will end the search for those who […]

NAYSA Child Artiste All Set To Make Her Impact In Film Industry

NAYSA N. CHARANYA  has emerged as a new Child Artiste to Film Industry. With her first entry she got debut assignment of new film HALKATT. Soft spoken, photogenic and dialogue delivery of this child is remarkable. After seeing the auditions of NAYSA N. CHARANYA Vishal was he was so impressed that he immediately gave her […]

Ashu Surpoor a new talent from Virar knocks Bollywood door after Govinda

A new talent Ashu Surpoor from Virar has entered the world of Bollywood after super star Govinda. Ashu who hails from a Maharashtrian business man family has been brought up in villages of Virar exteriors, since childhood she had an keen interest in becoming an actress, and success of Govinda gave her lots of inspiration, […]

Harsh Thakur Debuts In Bhojpuri Film Rabba Ishq Na Hove

भोजपुरिया पर्दे पर छाने को तैयार हर्ष आगामी 17 नवंबर को रिलीज हो रही भोजपुरी फ़िल्म रब्बा इश्क़ ना होवे की हो रही चर्चा के बीच एक नाम ऐसा भी है जिनमे अभिनय की अपार संभावनाओं के कारण उनकी काफी तारीफ हो रही है । हर्ष ठाकुर नाम का यह बाल कलाकार रब्बा इश्क़ ना […]

Kushi S. Chogle A  New Child Artiste In Film Industry

Kushi S. Chogle A Child Artiste has been signed by Rajeev Datta to play very important child role in his Latest venture CITY LIFE being produced under the banner of Way 2 fame. After seeing the auditions of Khushi S. Chogle he was so impressed that he immediately gave her the role by replacing Siddhi […]

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