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Music director   Sahajahn Sheikh (Sagar)has recorded a very different disco-type numer ‘which will soon become a craze in all the parties. The song whose mukhda is Love Da Peg Lala Le Aa. has been composed by him and rendered by Sameer Khan. It has lyrics by Taufiq Paalvi. The song has been recorded for Jagriti […]

I Am Getting Good Offers For Music Direction Now – SAGAR (SAHAJAHN SHAIKH)

Music director Sagar ( Sahajahn Shaikh) has been working as a music composer  in the Bollywood Film Industry. He has already recorded many musical albums for top audio comanies like T. Series( CHUPKE CHUPKE), AASHEEQ-E- RUSOOL (  for Tips ), MERE DIL NE KAHA MUJHSE for Times  Music, AE MERE PYARE KHWAJA for Taal Audio […]

Bhanu lyricist – singer – Music Composer – Hear The Sweet Sound Of Poetry

Bhanu lyricist – singer – Music Composer – Hear The Sweet Sound Of Poetry

Mumbai: Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated with such fervor and worshipped as the God of all beginnings has indeed blessed her disciple Bhanu a.k.a. Mrs. Parwathy Akhileshwaran – the lyricist, singer and music composer. Her Ganesh Bhajan “Mukh Mera Hathi Ka ….” released last year by T-Series on their T-Series Bhakti Sagar YouTube channel has garnered larger […]

 MELODY MAKERS Sanjoy Salil Chowdhary Creates Record In BGM

Three films VODKA DIARIES, NIRDOSH and AIYARRY having the background musical score by  Sanjoy Salil Chowdhary is releasing on January 19th and 26th.   VODKA DIARIES and NIRDOSH  are releasing on 19th January 2018.  AIYAARY is releasing on 26th January 2018. Three films in two weeks in the same month ! This is a record of sorts for this dynamic […]

Rapr-Composer RaOol Is Ready With EDM Beats Kem Cho For Navratri

नवरात्रि स्‍पेशल ‘इडीएम बीट्स’ ‘केम छो’ लेकर तैयार हैं रैपर-कॉम्पोजर RaOol महीना नवरात्रि का है। ऐसे में वर्ल्‍ड क्‍लास रैपर-कॉम्पोजर RaOol देसी हिप – हॉप के साथ वेस्‍टर्न म्यूज़िक का फ्यूजन वाला गाना ‘केम छो’ लेकर आ रहे हैं। ‘इडीएम बीट्स’ बेस्‍ड ‘केम छो’ गाना ‘इयर ऑफ़ द वुल्फ़’ अलबम का है, जिसे Wolfpack X […]

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