Rajni Mehta’s Wants To Make Films Depicting Patriotism, Social, Hard Work & Bravery Of Indian Police & Soldiers Thru Her Company Mehta Film Productions

The shooting of actress and model Rajni Mehta’s upcoming Hindi film ‘Birhor’ is almost completed. Rajni Mehta’s  first film is the Punjabi film ‘Hawaayen’ in which she was in the second lead. She has played an important role  in the Hindi film ‘Khanjar’ and the South Indian film ‘Tej’. Rajni Mehta is working in films, serials,  webseries, music videos and advertisements. She has worked in both the seasons of the webseries ‘Pagglait ‘ and is also doing many webseries. She has worked in the TV show ‘ Savdhaan India’.

Paneri saree has also been advertised in print. Rajni Mehta is Punjabi but she is from Prayagraj,  Uttar Pradesh and has been working in Mumbai for a long time. Since a young age, she has been doing  modeling and ramp walking in which she was awarded the Best Model. From here, T.Series company offered  him to work in a music album. Rajni started her career with ramp shows. She has worked with many renowned  artists like Manoj Bajpayee, Upasana Singh, Adi Irani, Shiva, Sujail Khan. She has won many honors in ramp shows,  acting and modeling and as a judge, she has also been honored with many honors like Best Model, Best Actress,  Chief Guest Celebrity, Best Performer, Best Woman, Guest of Honor, Dadasaheb. Phalke Fashion Lifestyle Award,  FFF Award, Miss India International etc. She has received the award of the International Human Rights Council  as the chief guest. Has been honored with the Best Actress Award of Maharashtra Award by Maharashtra Prestigious Award.

Rajni Mehta’s strong form will soon be seen in the OTT platform’s reality show Lions Gate Play. Rajni says that  when she becomes capable and earns her name, then she will build houses for the needy people where everything they  need will be available. This house will be for children and elderly people where they will get all the facilities.

This is the basic objective of Rajni’s life. Every person has some dreams, some live their dreams and some are not  able to fulfill them even if they want, in such times it is expected from their children to fulfill their dreams.  Rajni considers her mother as her idol and is making her wish come alive. Rajni likes dancing, horse riding, acting  and traveling to snowy places. Amitabh Bachchan, Nargis, Kajol, Ranbir Kapoor are his favorite actors. Rajni has a  lot of passion for patriotic films and she wants to work in films full of patriotism. The name of Rajni Mehta’s company  is ‘Mehta Film Productions’ in which in future she wants to make films depicting patriotism, social, hard work and bravery of  Indian police and soldiers.

Rajni says that all human beings are the same, there should be no discrimination among them. Everyone should be seen with equal vision.  If you set an objective or choose your destination, you should work hard to reach it. You should not reduce your efforts,

you will definitely get success. If you are not able to reach your destination then you should not be disappointed because  there are many ways to move forward. Just believe in yourself and make your life better. Never consider yourself weak.  Rajni Mehta likes the films of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. She wants to play a role which is challenging and full of patriotism.

Rajni is calm, sensible and practical. Rajni is working in the industry with great dedication, honesty and dedication.  Her film and web series will be released soon.


Rajni Mehta’s Wants To Make Films Depicting Patriotism, Social, Hard Work & Bravery Of Indian Police & Soldiers Thru Her Company Mehta Film Productions

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