SS Creation Revealed Its Upcoming Projects Two Marathi Films Titled ROPE And GOA DIARIES

Note: As per the latest survey, the Marathi film industry is experiencing a significant boost in business and popularity. The increased demand and success of Marathi films have prompted production houses to explore new opportunities. One such production house, SS Creation, has taken an ambitious step by deciding to produce films in both Telugu and Marathi languages simultaneously.

In a recent announcement, SS Creation revealed its upcoming projects: two Marathi films titled “ROPE” and “GOA DIARIES.” These two movies will be helmed back to back by the talented director Surya, who has already made a name for himself in the industry.

The producers of  SS Creations are  SAINAGARAJ and SRUJANA

Director Surya’s creative journey has been diverse and impressive. He began with short films, which garnered attention and recognition in various film festivals. His foray into music albums and advertising films further showcased his versatility and talent. Most notably, Surya received widespread acclaim for his recent venture, a commercial Marathi film titled “TI MAJHI PREM KATHA.”

With a proven track record and a vision to contribute to both the Telugu and Marathi film industries, SS Creation’s decision to collaborate with Director Surya on these two Marathi films seems promising. As the audience eagerly awaits the release of “ROPE” and “GOA DIARIES,” expectations are high for compelling storytelling, exceptional performances, and engaging cinematic experiences.

As the Marathi film industry continues to flourish, such initiatives by production houses and directors will undoubtedly contribute to its growth and success in the contemporary entertainment landscape.


SS Creation Revealed Its Upcoming Projects Two Marathi Films Titled ROPE And GOA DIARIES

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