Mukhavate (Mask) I 15th Solo show of Paintings By well-known artist Yogesh Shirwadkar in Jehangir

From: 22nd to 28th November 2022

Mukhavate (Mask)

15th Solo show of Paintings

By well-known artist Yogesh Shirwadkar


Jehangir Art Gallery

16-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: 9820144640 / 9920144640 


The recent work presented by a contemporary artist Yogesh Shirwadkar in his 15th solo art exhibition presently under display at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai reveals subtle nuances of vivid masks and their relevance as well as sanctity in human life. He has artistically adorned various works with the requisite tonal harmony and rhythm of apt colours and their resonance in order to depict the desired visual effects in sensitive human minds in the conducive environments.

He has aesthetically and adorned his works showing vivid masks to reveal different feelings in human mind like happiness, curiosity, excitement, innocence, dejection, enthusiasm, pangs of separation, sadness, gloom, masculinity, dominance, anger, hatred, femininity and many more. He has shown these iconic motifs on the faces of the living creatures that resemble human beings, animals, birds and all alike. These depict intense vulnerability and intention of human beings to hide their real personality and mindscape by putting up the various masks in order to safeguard themselves from different catastrophes or unpleasant/problematic situations and happenings in their life. He has tried to show the anatomical features showing various moods of the character as well as characteristics and peculiarities of their inner feelings in apt perspectives.  He has artistically shown various designs of masks put up by human beings on their faces for security, privacy, pride, ego, vanity, respect, fun and many more. He has created the desired visual effects in his work by using various layers of apt colours and his skilful technique using palette knife and other means in order to adorn them with the expected sentimental mindscapes of the character in the requisite perspectives of visual arts.


Mukhavate (Mask) I 15th Solo show of Paintings By well-known artist Yogesh Shirwadkar in Jehangir

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